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‘Plastic in every hand’ — seems like that should be the tagline of almost all of the convenient stores and consumer outlets around the globe. Just take the 7-Eleven stores, for instance. Out of the 61,554 stores, it has around the world, about 50,000 of them is in South East Asia! At the 7-Eleven store, everything from coffee to pork is packed in plastic! With smiling faces on colourful advertisements, they lure in customers one after the other and hands them some more plastic to spread.

How about McDonald’s? How much plastic did you bring back from your last visit to the mall? Heck, even the airlines these days serve everything in plastic. Alright, maybe we can overlook that for security reasons, for now. As for the rest of these big businesses, plastic is indeed just a matter of convenience.

Just off the coast of California, there is a huge patch of plastic debris in the ocean known as the ‘great pacific garbage patch’. Quite a fancy name, eh? This patch is twice the size of Texas. There are about 3-4 such plastic islands in our oceans. Let that sink in. A study conducted on the plastic trash in the oceans revealed 8 Asia-pacific nations to be among the top 10 countries around the world contributing to ocean pollution. China is the number 1 offender, in this case, followed closely by Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Then Thailand in the sixth spot and Malaysia at eighth. Folks, this is not the Olympics, we should be ashamed!

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What’s The Big Fuss?

With the world now producing more than 300 million tons of plastic every year, we could probably wrap this planet up a few times over in plastic! About 50% of the plastic produced, we use it only once. But it is present almost everywhere around us. From baby food to medicines for the elderly. Hot or cold, food or beverages, there’s a plastic container to keep it all fresh. A bit poisoned maybe from the chemicals the plastic leaches, but hey, that’s the price you pay. This miraculous invention of man that once almost seemed like a divine blessing has now revealed itself to be a deadly curse instead.

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Why it really matters to you?


Did I mention, plastic is poison? Maybe that bottled water you just purchased is safe. At least for a while, that is. Fact is, manufacturing plastic uses lots chemical additives and toxins. Over time, reacting to the water, air and other environmental elements, chemical toxins from the plastic start seeping out back into the environment thus contaminating the area. Plastic also has the annoying property of attracting to itself other toxic chemical substances, such as the deadly DDT, present in the environment, thus increasing the concentration of contamination around the plastic polluted areas. Studies have linked the toxins present in plastic to serious health issues like hormonal problems, cancer, respiratory issues etc.

Sure, it takes time before plastic starts to leach out the deadly toxins. But that is precisely where plastic’s strongest and yet worst property comes into action — durability! Plastic lasts forever. Almost all the plastic ever invented, still, exists. Instead of decomposing, plastic simply keeps breaking up into smaller and smaller pieces. Even a flimsy bottle of water will take up to a 1000 years before it decomposes. Additionally, in the extraordinarily long time plastic takes to decompose, it breaks down to almost microscopic size. This plastic is then easily ingested by the fish and other marine life. Even bigger pieces of plastic such as bags are mistaken for jelly fish and eaten by predators. All of these ingested plastic finally make their way to our dinner tables in the form of sea food. So yes, why should plastic matter to you? Because you’re probably eating it!

Learn more about how plastic enters our food and its ill effects on our health and environment —> An Era Of Plastic Overkill.



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What you can do, now.

Over the years, there have been many ‘light-hearted’ attempts at curbing the plastic problem in the continent. From time to time the government of some country or some other small group would take the initiative and undertake a campaign to crackdown on the plastic usage. But these are short lived activities that seem to do a better ‘PR’ job than it does for the environment. Regarding damaging the environment, plastic is probably the worst criminal in history, and still very much active!

The magnitude of harm plastic causes, demands us to be much more upset than we currently seem to be. When even large international business outlets with both the knowledge and resources to help with the plastic menace, instead act irresponsibly and carelessly, it is outright offensive. It is time, we, the common people, took matters into our own hands and let those big corporates know that we mean business. They have the money, but we got the numbers. Even if a quarter of the population comes together for the sake of the planet, it is sure to make these money hungry sharks sweat!

Let us hold accountable these large corporate businesses and force them to act more responsibly and show some concern for the environment. Spread the word, educate your family and friends and share this petition. If we can get at least 200,000 people from the billions that call this planet home, the corporate sector will no longer be able to ignore the plastic menace and will be compelled to implement a policy that curbs the amount of plastic their staff hands out to each customer at the cash counter. Signing this petition is a simple first step you can take to fight this catastrophically unhealthy plastic pride. #NoPlasticInMyHand

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